Diversified Distribution

From Fintech to Foodtech, HRtech to Healthtech and beyond, we offer expert mentorship to tech entrepreneurs across the MENA region and its diaspora drawn upon years of experience from founders who have been there before: failures, fundraises, fortunes and all.

We invest in what we believe in, early and often, and have the numbers prove it. Through our unique approach to venture, we build risk mitigation into the fund structure, allowing us to minimize unfriendly deal terms.

Calculated Relativity

We’ve been there before, and founders learn best from the experience of other founders.

We’re fast and we use standard, globally-accepted investment docs and practices.

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Formulaic Multipliers
  • We use standard terms and documents to unify the investability of our startups, helping our founders to grow by following global best practices.
  • Our personal brands provide us with access to a significant regional and international network, bringing global insights, investment and awareness to our founders.
  • We lead rounds and always work with our founders to set up their company structure and fundraising strategy to maximize future success, with their interests in mind.
  • Our partners have experience on a global scale, bridging the gap between markets, and our operating team has more companies under their belts than most have in their entire careers.



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