The Platform
Enabling a new generation of smart farming

The Platform is building precision farming platform that use AI to analyze IOT ground sensors, satellite and farm activities to enable variable rate irrigation and fertilization for sustainable agriculture in MENA region.

The precision agriculture company enables the building of a new generation of smart farming. The Platform’s focus is to achieve more yield from fewer resources through technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence and satellite imagery.



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Precision farming using advanced technologies

The Platform mainly works in precision agriculture to enable companies and institutions to build a new generation of smart farming.

The company does this through precision farming, which uses technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and satellite imagery to increase crop yields and profits while using less traditional inputs to grow crops, like land, water, fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides.


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The Platform focuses on Medium-Large scale farming business. Its presence is mainly in the MENA region focusing on Date palm tree farms, greenhouse and central pivot farming. The Platform has built partnerships with pest management companies and a network of agronomists to help in scaling up to their network of farms.

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