Ammbrtech builds decentralised FinTech and Marketplace infrastructure operating across supply chains.

Ammbrtech is on a mission to build global platforms with a local focus. By working together as a cross-disciplinary team, Ammbrtech is focused on identifying big problems, thinking out of the box, designing and engineering solutions, and then delivering them to market.

Ammbrtech initially developed solutions for the physical infrastructure of telecoms networks. Now that is fully commercialised, the team is developing a Cloud and Edge Cloud infrastructure and Marketplace.

What we do
Design | Code | Deploy

Ammbrtech delivers Marketplace and Broadband to the market. Ammbrtech Marketplace is a fully decentralised marketplace for businesses to source goods and produce from suppliers, and to seamlessly manage and sell those goods and produce to consumers. Ammbrtech Broadband can deploy a micro-ISP or internet access for your local community without the technology hassle.

Turning concepts into solutions

Ammbrtech is building decentralised trade finance solutions in the hard and soft commodities, with the goal of turning concepts on paper into a solution that impacts people's lives. The Company believes in the power of technology as a catalyst for societal change and advancement.

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Who we are
Founder & CEO - AmmbrTech

Derick Smith

Derick Smith is the Founder & CEO of Ammbrtech. A technologist with over 30 years' experience, Derick has an ability to absorb and master complexity and translate this into vision quickly.

“When I first came to visit the UAE I met with the Ghadan21 team and Hub71 and I was very impressed by them, and so I applied to Hub71's Incentive Program, and I was fortunate enough to be accepted.”


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