Empowering online shoppers to visualize products the way they would in the store

DesignHubz boosts buying confidence and influences purchasing decisions by addressing key consumer questions and allowing online shoppers to view products from every angle.

By adding DesignHubz’s 3D and Augmented Reality to apps or websites, shoppers try-on products from the comfort of their homes, increasing buying confidence, decreasing purchase cycles, and giving sellers of furniture and fashion the chance to stand out from competitors.


What we do
Using Augmented Reality to take the sales and shopping experience to the next level

DesignHubz give online shoppers a real sense of the size, scale, fit and detail of products by creating augmented reality models.

Its end-to-end SaaS platform and advanced digitization rigs convert entire physical inventories into 3D and AR views in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months.



Designhubz is a web-based 3D and Augmented Reality(AR) platform for brands and retailers.

Designhubz is enabling brands & retailers to sell their products in 3D & Augmented Reality directly on their websites & shopping apps.

With Designhubz, anyone can deliver a try-before-you-buy online shopping experience by enabling immersive 3D and AR product visualizations that have proven to drive conversions and reduce returns.

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Who we are
CEO - Designhubz

Nadim Habr

“Joining Hub71 was a gamechanger for us at Designhubz. We couldn't be more grateful for the platform and network they provided us, to not only scale up but also connect with some of the top VCs around the globe.”


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