Jade Autism
Jade Autism enhances the cognition while playing

Jade Autism is a game that stimulates cognitive development, memory, reasoning, skills and performance, and generates reports on the child's development while playing. The technology provides valuable data for therapists in order to apply the best therapeutic plan and to act on the difficulties and deficiencies presented.

What we do
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The Jade Autism team believe that innovation, through technology, can profoundly change people's lives, especially those who need it most. To that end, Jade develops gamified therapeutic solutions for children and adolescents with cognitive disabilities. As the patient uses the app, prognosis metrics are automatically generated for the therapist, ensuring more effective treatment.

Stimulating and developing the cognitive functions of children

Jade Autism was designed by Computer Science student at the University of Vila Velha and Software developer, Ronaldo Cohin, who is the father of an autistic child. With the help of therapists and professionals specializing in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Jade has developed an app based on games for associating colours, numbers, letters, animals and objects.

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Who we are

“We believe that we could not be in a better place as a business epicenter for the growth of our company throughout the MENA region and to be able to make a difference, contributing to the entire Arab community.”

Founder & CEO - Jade Autism
Ronaldo Cohin
Ronaldo Cohin

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