Producers Market
Empowering farmers and consumers using cutting edge technology to validate data and set standards for quality and transparency

Producers Market empowers millions of farmers - and billions of consumers - by aligning stakeholders around shared values of transparency, trust and economic equity.

The platform enables consumers to discover the source of the products they purchase. Producers Market supports its community of producers by connecting customers to the stories behind their products. Consumers can access the information they want—value chain storytelling and full traceability from source to plate —via a QR code.


What we do
Reimagining the global agricultural value chain through cutting edge technology

By digitizing contracts and transactions, Producers Market reduces costs and waste streams while setting standards for transparency.

Producers Market supports a growing network of trusted producers and buyers who trade goods as well as knowledge. Its innovative marketplace platform utilizes value chain data to strengthen B2B sales channels with traceability, data, and media.


How we do it
Producers Market believes that an agricultural system rooted in integrity is possible. And the team is building the market linkage platform to prove it.

At Producers Market, value chain stakeholders and consumer facing brands come together in one global ecosystem. The best of farming, processing, and packing meets digital technology to facilitate transparent and enriching transactions. The agricultural value chain gets a dose of real values.

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