SmartCrowd is an investment platform that allows for micro-investments in real estate.

SmartCrowd makes real estate investing accessible and affordable for individuals and families. Its real estate investment platform (REIP) enables people to grow their wealth by collectively investing in attractive investment properties at a fraction of the price using a crowdfunding model.

Users can reap all the benefits of direct real estate investments and reduce their risk by allocating their capital across a number of properties all through one digital platform. 

Smart Crowd Ltd is regulated by DFSA and does not provide financial services from ADGM.


What we do
Unlocking the real estate market for everyday investors

SmartCrowd makes real estate investing, easy, hassle-free, and less risky for people by allowing people to invest for as low as AED 5,000 (approximately $1400). The company’s experts analyze hundreds of properties using its proprietary screening tool and list only the most attractive investments on the platform. 

Taking care of the entire process, SmartCrowd allows users to then focus on what matters to them. In less than five minutes, SmartCrowd users, can register, browse, invest and start earning a second income.



MENA's only regulated digital platform for real estate investments

SmartCrowd enables everyday individuals to build wealth by providing them with opportunities to invest in income generating assets.By upholding its core values of honesty, hard work and trust, SmartCrowd takes carefully calculated steps and data driven decisions to maximize the gains of its customers. Smart Crowd Ltd is regulated by DFSA and does not provide financial services from ADGM.

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Who we are
Founder & CEO - SmartCrowd

Siddiq Farid

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