Applying blockchain to build a sustainable trust system

Using Verofax’s blockchain technology, retailers and manufacturers can create a unique identity of their products, in the form of a Quick Response (QR) code or a barcode, which can be scanned to verify authenticity.

Verofax helps companies create ethical and responsible brands which help governments manage quality standards, compliance requirements and making duty and tax collection a seamless process.




Asset tracing and management services. Last mile Delivery validation

Verofax offers Product Passporting and traceability service to grow sales through Validation App of quality, sustainability, reduce costs of operations through process automation and increase positive consumer engagement and reduce returns.





An asset digitization and tracing platform that empowers businesses to boost productivity

Verofax offers a unique solution to businesses looking for compliance and brand protection, including serialisation, traceability and anti-counterfeiting solutions.غ

All products are blockchain registered to prevent forging and tampering. The company aims to empower businesses to boost productivity and increase consumer satisfaction while validating every transaction securely on permission.

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