Optimizing transactions in freight and logistics

Fero makes freight transactions automated, globally. The company combines high-end technologies with industry expertise to deliver a modern, dramatically improved freight execution experience.

The company enables businesses of all kinds to import and export globally, using their mode of choice, be it Road, Air or Sea.

What we do
Using AI and advanced technologies to automate freight processes

Fero, uses advanced AI to build technology solutions that target manual coordination/intervention to optimize and automate processes in freight & logistics.

The company develooped TiA - Transport Interactive Assistant, the world’s first AI Voice Assitant for freight ecosystems.

Enhancing the freight execution experience

Fero aims to spearhead a new generation of technological transformation by shaping the future of digital freight.

With the use of automation systems such as narrow Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision & Blockchain, Fero eliminates the need for human interaction in the logistics industry worldwide.

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Who we are

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